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Earlier this afternoon I had an epiphany: “Why aren’t there more articles that talk about an artist’s journey?” That is to say, why aren’t more artists or creatives, choose your noun, creating content that documents where they’re at instead of where they’ve been or what they learned?

Before moving on, I‘m aware these types of articles exist, however, they don’t circulate as much as other published frameworks such as the listicle, how-to, or general advice articles.

Why? Maybe documenting more so than listing something or giving explicit advice seems journalese? The flavor of which is dull.

Let’s face it, so…

You’re not scum for wanting to monetize your passions.

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I am one to talk. I used to view young freelancers, entrepreneurs, whatever you want to call them, as sleazy snake-oil salesmen.

Not because their products were inherently bad. On the contrary, over the years, I’ve purchased and subscribed to more courses and newsletters than I can recall — mostly for the purposes of expanding my mind and secondarily to find those rare tools, tactics, and strategies, that when shared in a particular way, instantly clicked with my brain.

During this time, I felt a slow-boiling resentment towards young self-starters — people who built personal blogs, erected newsletters, and sold…

It’s ok to be authentic, it’s ok to be unknown.

A family standing on a beach, enjoying themselves on a sunny afternoon.
A family standing on a beach, enjoying themselves on a sunny afternoon.
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“We live in an age with high regard for extraordinary lives, that is, lives that the vast majority of us will never lead. Our heroes have made outsized fortunes, appeared on gigantic screens and demonstrated unique virtue and talent. Their achievements are both dazzling and continuously, in the background, humiliating.” — Alain de Botton

Alain de Botton, a Swiss-born British philosopher and author describes the heroism of living an ordinary life brilliantly in his engrossing youtube channel The School of Life.

In this video, Alain talks about how Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch Baroque painter, painted one of the most influential…

A guide for overcoming self-limiting beliefs.

After the inspiration wore off I felt empty, “they’re giving me the answers,” I said to myself, “why am I having such a hard time with my content creation?” This used to be my default. I would watch an inspirational or instructional video and the inspiration would only last a little while. Inevitably I would end up feeling frustrated, disappointed, and move on — never executing.

Sound familiar?

You see another content creator’s stream of consistent uploads and say to yourself, “please, you’re making me feel bad.” …

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Meditations on rest, relaxation, and recovery

Anxiety is often demonized for being the dream killer. It steals you away from your goals and is the culprit of your mental blockages. It slows your efficiency with doing the things that you love. It eats away at your happiness and influences how you present yourself to the world. Luckily, you aren’t left to your own devices on debunking this classic symptom so many of us experience daily.

Thich Nhat Hanh is one of the most well-known Zen teachers to date. He has authored many books on happiness, peace, meditation, and mindfulness. The lessons I’m about to share with…

Lonely boy sitting in space. Using as a metaphor for potential future success.
Lonely boy sitting in space. Using as a metaphor for potential future success.

3 Questions To Gauge Your Growth

When we think of success, the answer tends to be different for everyone. Some people will feel accomplished after making a certain amount of money, while others focus on becoming great parents.

For me, I am banking on doing my best. Putting my best effort towards the things I care about and would like to manifest in my life.

Whether or not I succeed, whatever that means to me, is somewhat irrelevant. My interests will change over time, as will my competencies, and goals both professional and personal. …

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Shift your perspective on what it takes to be successful

The story of the 20-year experiment that turned into an overnight success is rampant in our society.

Even so, we often overlook this uncanny ability to suffer for long periods of time. The lauded status we so desperately desire is out of reach.

Are you willing to put in that amount of time? Or better, can you come to terms with the fact you will never truly know how long it will take you to achieve the milestones in your personal and professional life?

Most people find this bleak uncertainty to be a lost cause. …

Games don’t need to be AAA to be impactful

For those of you that don’t know, Inside was published by indie game developer Playdead in 2016. It was one of the many games sitting in my Steam backlog that I always wanted to get around to playing but never did. Until this past December.

One night I decided that it was time to install this game and give it a shot. I have only heard great things about it from all sources and somehow never spoiled the story for myself.

It is one of those rare occasions where something has received critical acclaim but is small enough to be…

Hint: It has to do with loving yourself

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More specifically it has to do with enjoying spending time alone. Loving yourself being a required ingredient here.

I have one of the best friends that you could ask for. We have known each other since middle school and have gone through many ups and downs.

He’s unconditionally loving and is just a cool dude. He doesn’t judge people (to a fault,) and is go-with-the-flow (to a fault).

I think you see what I’m getting at here. He is awesome but much too chill.

Someone that has no standards. His ambition is very low, if pretty much absent from his…

What is the makeup of a writer?

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A writer is an identity of sorts. It is an attitude and a way of living. It is a self-deprecating and thankless pursuit, that serves as both a self-flatulating endeavor and a randomly generated slot machine of misplaced recognition.

“If you’re a writer, particularly if you’re a writer or a storyteller of any kind, there is something already kind of monstrously wrong with you.” — Anthony Bourdain

Thank you, Saint Anthony, The Opinionated. Love him or hate him, he is spot on.

The fact that you think that people will read your writing, let alone love what you write, is…

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I am fascinated by the mind and inspired by human potential. Enticed by synergistic thinking. Continually searching for enhanced clarity and creativity.

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